a word on downtown revitilzation

I'm so hungry, I think I will die soon.  fruity pebbles are delicious, but they are not very filling.  I think I will take my lunch at noon.

so they built a fancy new movie theatre w/ an IMAX screen in mu shit-hole city.  I used to love this city, I had very romanticized visions of it.  I lived there until I was nine, and imagined it would still be the same beautiful fantasy land it was to me back then.  now that I am old and jaded, I see our city for what it is, a shit-hole.  I don't swear very often, but this place warrants it.trust me.  anyway, they built this movie theatre as part of a multi-billion dollar downtown revitalization.  no-one in their right mind wants to go into the city.  if, and that's a pretty big if, the fancy new places they build manage to lure anyone into the downtown area, they will not stay.  they will goto the fancy places and then leave as quickly as they possibly can.  nobody is going to say "oh, what a nice theatre.  I think I will buy a house nearby!"

but anyway, the grand opening of this theatre happened while I was away at the beach.  they did some sort of charity thing where they played older movies fir $1.00 per seat.  a nice idea, in theory.  would you believe there was an incident that involved police force?  I am saddened, but not surprised.  the newspaper article stated that this was "the only serious problem since the theater was opened".  well, I would certainly hope so, considering it had only been open for four days.  I bet this sort of publicity will cause lots of wealthy people to come to our fine city and spend their money.

I don't care how nice a place is.  if you have young hoodlums running around causing riots, no-one will go there except more hoodlums.  and they don't usually have a whole lot of money to throw around.  just saying.
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Gamesday - finally!

so I'm finally making my gamesday post.  I am tired of waiting for mike to give me the photos he took.  when I get them, I will add them to this post.  until then, enjoy what I've compiled from my own photos and steve's.

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hey look, it's me!

I still haven't done my gamesday post.  I hope to do it sometime today, maybe, even though I still don't have mike's photos.  I'll just add them when they are made available.  I'll be putting the costume up on devART sometime after that, since I don't have any really good full-body shots.  I'll have to put it on and take some more pics here at home.  remind me not to leave photography up to the guys anymore.

my family and I are going to the beach on wednesday after we get out of work.  hopefully I will remain disciplined and actually post daily updates of my good time.  I got a professional spray tan yesterday in preparation for our trip - I am sick of blinding people who look at me in direct sunlight and being nothing more than a vague white shape in pictures.  with any luck, this tan will help.  it is pretty alarming to see myself in the mirror like this.  it doesn't look bad, it's just...  different.  I need to take a shower to get the excess off of me, I think that will help.

my sister and I are watching pocahontas.  we were inspired to watch it by aztec rex, which I was watching earlier for a little while.  the guys in that movie had the same helmet as john smith.  the t-rex was a decent design, but they didn't even try to make it mesh with the environment.  like, it is just slapped right on top of the actual footage.  really bad.  as a side note, I think that yama from one piece bears a striking resemblance to governor ratcliffe from pocahontas.
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busy busy busy

so my mum and I did a lot of work on the costume today.  all we need to do is put on the boobs and upper arm pieces, and the suit itself will be finished.  then all we need to do is the gloves and boots.  no problem.

here's our progress:

the boots were taken in about an inch to make them fit my unreasonably tiny legs.

the boob pieces.  bigger than I expected!

cutting out the panels.

the finished collar and other assorted pieces.

mum sews the pieces to the suit.  it's a good thing she's here, I would have sewn them on by hand...

what we got done today.  not too bad, I think.

now then.  all that remains to do is as follows:

attach chest pieces
attach upper arm pieces
spray paint underside of collar/shoulders
attach collar/shoulders
construct arms/gloves
construct boots
buy loincloth fabric
buy chains
get hair dye

it seems like a lot, but I think we will be okay.
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my life - 06/07/08

this is a practice post for ADIML.  I'm gonna post next week's gamesday adventure there, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't a retard and knew how to do this properly before I made an idiot out of myself in front of the whole internet.

so here we go.


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okay.  I am back for real this time.  I will write in here at least a couple of times a week.  even if nothing exciting or important happens (which is usually the case), I will think of something to say.

Gamesday, wooooo!  only 8 days left until to 40k event of the year.  I am so excited.  a week from today I will be packing for our yearly trip to baltimore.  it will be a good time.  I have some pretty intense costume work to do this weekend, which is going to be an adventure.  I am interested to see how this is going to work out.  I am decently sure the answer to that question will be "awesomely", a word I made up just for the occasion.  I also have some (okay, a lot) of shopping to do.  I think perhaps I will document my day in pictures tomorrow.  I intend to do the same thing for the entire Gamesday weekend, but I often intend to do a great deal of things which rarely get done.  We shall see.

as far as the shopping is concerned, let's see...  I need to buy short pants, since my old ones no longer fit.  I want some work clothes suitable for the heat wave we are going to be having.  I need to look for chains for the costume, as well as hair dye and make-up.  oh, and fabric for the loincloth.  and flip flops.  I have been on an epic quest for the perfect flip flops, but have been as of yet unsuccessful.  I think I am going to have to break down and buy a color that is not black.  cuz wal-mart (ewwwwww) has exactly what I am looking for in every color except black.  just my luck.  maybe brown or white will be okay.

seriously, though.  it's supposed to be 103 degrees on monday.  it's only the 2nd week of june!  this is just silly.  I dunno what to do.  I certainly don't want to waste the gas to run my car's air conditioner, but I don't wanna die of heat exhaustion either.  gah!  and boy do I hope there is a sudden cold snap by next saturday.  I really don't want to be parading around baltimore in a black long-sleeved body suit covered in leather.  with knee high leather boots, no less.  our planning failed to take this into consideration.  hopefully the excitement of wandering around a major city in costume will be enough to get me through.
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it's been a very long time.  a very, very long time.  I intend to remedy this soon enough.  I have some plans.

but right now, I am going to breakfast.
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holiday hawk

so yeah... I've been busy busy busy.

I have all of my Christmas presents done except for the greg graffin plushy. he still needs a face and some shoes. other than that, though, he is good to go. I also need to buy a gift for my mum, but I am doing that tomorrow. hitting the mall the friday evening before Christmas - brilliant, I know.

that and working is pretty much all I've been doing. well, that and finishing up my last classes for the block. the last ones were tonight, which is awesome. I don't have to go back until january 23rd. that, like, over a month! yay!

me, chris, steve, and chris' parents went to see gwar on sunday night. my impressions? ...wow. that's the best way I can think of to describe it. I was totally unprepared. totally. it was really awesome, though, and I would definitely go again. I think it is something everyone should do once in their life. I... wow. yeah. you can see some really poor pictures I took with my phone here at my yahoo photos site.

work today was extra-super boring. there was hardly anything to do to begin with, and both my sister and I were working. we spent a good part of the day playing pictionary. yeah, we were that busy. I expect much of the same tomorrow. we will probably have our yearly Christmas party, which usually consists of pizza and coke. delicious. after that, I wanna go to target to find something to wear on Christmas eve. very smart, I know, to go looking for this now. stores never have much in my size to begin with. I dunno why, though, considering I doubt many people can wear 0s comfortably. ah well.

I'm so hungry, but I dunno what to eat. it is a problem.
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(no subject)

so yeah...  stuff and things.

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  always have been, always will be.  that's okay, I should be used to it by now.

on the 15th it was five years since we moved into this house.  it seems like several lifetimes ago.  funny how time passes, things change.  and yet, so much stays the same.  that move did more for me than change houses, it made me realizes some things.  and I've never looked back.

anyway...  on wednesday we finally went to california bar and grill, even though we swore we'd never go there after the incident two years back (they wouldn't let us in because mike wouldn't turn 21 for a week and we didn't have his parent or guardian with us.  bah.).  it was extra super crazy full - we had to wait in line even though we had reservations.  the wings were pretty decent, I guess, but it was way too loud and crowded in there.  dunno if we will go back or not.  on the way home from steve's house that night, bobby and I totally saw a UFO.  there was this line of three white lights in the sky, which I brought to bobby's attention.  "that's totally a UFO," I said.  "really?" he replied.  "it looks like a plane to me."  but it wasn't a plane.  it wasn't moving.  we drove right under it, and it wasn't even very high up.  and it wasn't making any noise, so it wasn't a helicopter.  it was pretty scary.  I locked my bedroom windows when I got home, as though that would keep the aliens out.

on saturday, while we were playing d&d (I'm so cool) , steve's brother came dashing in asking us if we heard the screaming outside.  of course we all ran out into the cold night air to hear the most unearthly screams you can imagine.  I actually cried, for serious, I was that scared.  and I don't get scared (or cry) easily.  steve thought that it was turkeys, maybe, and I thought it might be a peacock, so we didn't call the police or anything.  before you ask, we have seen peacocks running around on the
roads out that way, so it is a perfectly reasonable explanation.

yesterday I got my first ever holiday bonus from work.  I got $10 instead of a turkey, since I have no need for a turkey.  I am so unbelievably touched by this gesture.  I wonder if I will get a Christmas bonus...  or maybe even a raise...

today is the day chris is supposed to die, according to a tarot card reading he did on himself during our senior year of high school.  I am obviously very concerned about this.  he called me from work to let me know that he was still alive, which I appreciated.   he'd better stay that way (alive), or I will chase him into the great beyond and double kill him.

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tomorrow is the day before thanksgiving.  I can't believe it is that time of the year again.  I had set a goal for myself that I would have the patterns made for my assorted hand-made Christmas presents by saturday, but I somehow don't see that happening.  it is okay, though, I can buy the fabric without patterns.  everything will be fine.  we (my parents, sister, and I) usually go on a ride through the city on thanksgiving eve, so my dad can point out things that he used to do on thanksgiving eve when he was a kid.  it seems we are not doing that this year.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I am glad because I kinda wanted to go to wings, but I am sad because it is something that we have always done.  it's like the end of an era.  we keep getting older and keep moving on with our lives.  this time of year always seems to make this more evident, somehow.  ::sigh::  and our day after thanksgiving traditions are not going to be the same, either, as my dad has to work and will not be joining us.  it makes me want to cry, for serious.

maybe I am becoming weepy in my old age.

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