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the beach!

so while I am sitting around with nothing to do, I figure I will finally post my beach pictures,  here, have at them!


an empty beach is the best kind of beach.

here we are on the first day, looking for shells and various dead things.

kylie found something.

it is hard to look at the ocean without ripping my clothes off and jumping in, never to return.

I look thrilled, but I really was.

my mum and dad.

my mum and aunt pam.

a large (dead) horseshoe crab.

what sort of storm washed up this huge piece of wood?

kylie and I watch the ocean.

nature's cell phone commercial.

look, a surf board.  get it?  it's a board washed in on the surf!

look, all we are missing is a creepy fat girl in the background.

a dock in lewes.

I think this is a really good picture of kylie.

lewes is a beautiful place.

check me out, I'm ruining a family photo!

okay, I'll behave.

I am very interested in genetics, as you will see in the next few photos.  who do I look the most like?

what about kylie?

she looks just like my mum.

and my mum looks just like my aunt.

okay, okay, I'll stop.  here, have some boobs.

there, much better.

hooray, sand!  also, check out my shoulder blades.

my parents again.


breakfast on the beach.

a sandbar.

delicious food.


eating some more.

a lighthouse in the distance.

aunt pam feeds the seagulls.

looking at ocean stuff.

what a silly face, kylie.  check out the huge bruise on my leg.

there are some WWII defense towers on the beach.  we went to check one of them out.

looking up at the stairs.

looking out a window.

looking down from the top.

hey, look, it's my car (behind that tree)!

a pirate ship on the ocean.

more military stuff.

a nearby town.


it sure was windy up there.

here it is from the outside.

after that we went to the shipwreck museum.  here is a pirate treasure that was actually found in lewes!

here is a shark hanging from the ceiling.

here is another.

here is a dead coconut crab.

the sun was hurting kylie's sunburn.

I think this picture looks like an advertisement.

waiting for the bus.

a rainbow.


eating a meal of some sort.

awesome ice cream flavors.  I always wuss out and get chocolate peanut butter.

and that's the end.

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