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my life - 06/07/08

this is a practice post for ADIML.  I'm gonna post next week's gamesday adventure there, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't a retard and knew how to do this properly before I made an idiot out of myself in front of the whole internet.

so here we go.


woke up at 11:40 due to an outraged shout coming from the living room.

I found my very displeased sister raging about the fake anime she found on tv.

it was pretty bad.

on the way back to my room, I saw my sister's cat, eil, desperately trying to get into the cabinet where we keep our cleaning supplies.  he is so strange.

it was too cold to be wandering around without pants (thanks to the air conditioner), so I put some on.

turned on my computer while I was in my room.  I can't sleep with it on, it is too loud and has too many lights.

I also fed the shrimps.  you probably can't see them, but I assure you they are there.  four of them.  my sister bought them for me for my birthday.

time for my medicine - I have bronchitis and a sinus infection.  bleeeeh.

preparing my breakfast.

kylie dances with my baby, morgaine, while I wait for my toast to finish.

cinnamon raisin bread with lemon tea.  delicious!

we watch the princess diaries 2 while we eat our breakfast.  I am sorry, but I think anne hathaway is phenominally unattractive.

time to get ready for shopping!  here is my before shot.

brushing my teeth

my contact lens case.  isn't it adorable?

mascara.  without it, my eyelashes are white.  {]: (  thanks a lot, partial albinism.

brushing my hair.

so much hair!

aaaaaaand after.

pajamas are not proper shopping attire (ignore the terrible mess on my floor, please).

putting on my jeans.

dressed and ready to go!

my extensive list of things to buy.

I enter my breakfast into sparkpeople while I wait for my mum to be ready.

we are almost out the door when my sister decides she also would like to come along.  my mum tosses her clothes, which were left in the living room for some reason.

it is 2:00 by the time we finally leave.

 I retrieve my sunglasses from my car while we wait for kylie, who is still not quite ready.  I love reflection pics!

much better.

kylie emerges!

our first stop is giant.  my sister wants to open an account at their credit union, but they have unfortunately closed for the day.

next is wal-mart, for flip flops and hair dye.  they have neither.  the day is off to a wonderful start.

now it is 3:00, and nothing has been accomplished.

on to target, for clothes, and to try for flip flops and hair dye again.

it is 4:37 buy the time we get out of there.  I didn't find any flip flops or hair dye, most of the clothes were terrible, and my sister had tried on just about everything in the store.  we are no longer having a good time.  I did, however, get a few shirts, a skirt, and some short pants.

michaels is next, to buy supplies for my dad's father's day gift.

chick-fil-a for lunch.  I have waffle fries.

everyone knows that the best thing to dip fries in is a delicious blend of mayonnaise and catsup.

we try rite aid and cvs for hair dye, but it seems to have been discontinued.  I just want my hair black for a weekend.  is that so much to ask?!

it is 5:35 by the time we get home.  that took entirely too long.

the cats get their dinner.

I try to take a nap while the family watches reno 911, but it is useless.

my mum shows me how to work the sewing machine so I can begin work on the costume while they are out.

I have a go at it.  everything seems to be in working order.

my parents leave for their international night dinner.

I attempt to find a replacement hair dye.  I think I have found something that may work.

I work on my dad's gift for a little while.

8:01.  time to head back to the sewing machine.

I bring my mp3 player and hook it up to our archaic stereo system in the basement.

during the time I was away, the sewing machine seems to have become possessed.  it does nothing but eat thread and poke holes in my material.

I become irritated and go heat up my dinner.

time for more medicine.  yes, I am 24 years old and still taking liquid medicine.  I do not swallow pills very well.

more work on my dad's gift.

ky;ie and I watch sybil and work on our individual projects.

10:39 at night and still 84 degrees.  unreasonable!

kylie makes me some sugar butter bread, which is just about the best thing ever.

I talk to chris and look up some things for my dad's gift.

11:40.  some time has passed.

kylie plays with eli.  he loves hair ties.

we watch silence of the lambs.  I love this movie.  hannibal lecter is so cool.

I continue talking to chris and browsing the internet on my laptop.

back to pajamas and glasses.

my mum reads and my dad shivers in front of the air conditioner.  it looks like he is not wearing any clothes, but I assure you he was.

last dose for the day.

shut down the computer.

read my daily devotional.

it is 2:56 and I can finally sleep.

good night!

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